• Do You Have The Bug?

    Do You Have The Bug?
    by Blake Brown NO COMMENTS APRIL 10, 2014
    Throughout our time vaping, we have built up quite the large collection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories. Often we crave the newest device, only for it to become yesterday’s hot item and then thrown into the pile that’s quickly growing.
    What’s wild is that some of the elder vapers have been doing this collecting since they’ve started, some 3, 4, and even 5 years of vaping. However, new vapers that are entering this industry are easily catching up to the old-heads. The reason for this is, a bit after you begin vaping you’re still in that stage of “I’ve got to have everything,” and some of the old-heads have been through that stage and have turned their focus to the more industry impacting products or the ones with high rarity. The thing that differs from then and now is that back when the older guys were into that stage of their vaping journey, the industry didn’t produce new and fascinating products as they do now. Heck, we see a new product pop up, what, like every week now? – It’s redonkulous – but it’s one reason why this industry has been as successful as it has. Agreed?
    We call this hoarding, collection or whatever you want to call it, the bug. Here’s a few pics to show you what I mean. (As a note, there are more and much larger collections from many vapers within the community.)

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