• E-Cig Industry Could Help Tobacco Growers See More For Their Work

    E-Cig Industry Could Help Tobacco Growers See More For Their Work

    Often anti-tobacco measures have been spun as disruptive to tobacco farms and the farmers that depend on their tobacco crops to survive. This as served to protect tobacco interests in a number of fights, but does little to actually protect tobacco farmers.
    The long running decline of cigarette use and the increase in cost of cigarettes has hit tobacco farmers pretty hard. In 1960, roughly 90% of cigarette production used U.S. produced tobacco. Now, the rate is closer to half. Meanwhile, the tobacco leaf cut of tobacco product sales is only about 4 cents on the dollar.
    Some tobacco sellers are now eyeing electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine as a potential source for income. Not only may their tobacco be used without the smoke that ultimately kills half of smokers, but tobacco farms may have another chance to negotiate for a bigger piece of the pie with this new industry.
    One such farmer is Kentucky-based Brian Furnish. Check out the link for a more in-depth story on Furnish.
    While the electronic cigarette market as a whole is growing much faster than anyone can keep up with, e-liquids is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the industry. According to Well Fargo, which has been following the industry very closely, tanks and refillable options have been growing at almost double the rate of smaller, disposable units.
    Either way, tobacco farmers may find that electronic cigarettes are the one that to solve decades of declining profits and sales.
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