• Vaping is Much Healthier than Smoking

    If you’ve heard nothing else about the rising tide of popularity for e-cigarettes and liquid vaping, you’ve surely heard of the health benefits over traditional cigarette and tobacco smoking.   Burning an herb like tobacco, even raw tobacco leaves not contaminated with the dozens of poisonous chemicals laced into cigarettes by major tobacco companies, causes combustion as it burns.  The smoke you’re inhaling is a combination of the tobacco and nicotine mixed with various other compounds created during combustion.


    Vapor, on the other hand, is not produced by burning the herb or liquid to create chemical smoke.  Rather, the vape pen produces a clean and clear water vapor, which is little more than a fine mist.  This mist contains just as much and often more pure nicotine than smoke and doesn’t bring poisonous tar and acids into your lungs. 


    Many people claim there haven’t been enough studies on vapor and e-cigs to make such claims but we beg to differ.


    A research paper in 2012 found that e-cigarette vapors contained 9-450 times less toxic residue than cigarette smoke.


    Another 2012 study suggests there is “no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions.”


    Even this study from Greece concluded that “electronic cigarettes may be a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.”


    While public opinion and the tobacco-funded mainstream media are slow to consider these findings in the context of public health, it’s clear to those of us in the know.  E-cigarettes and liquid vapors are far healthier than smoking tobacco products.   Just ask the thousands of ex-smokers who have seen dramatic increases in their own health by switching to vape.

    How about you?
    Have you noticed any effects on your health since switching to vapor?
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