• E-Cigs Are Not the Same as Vape Pens

    For those new to the vape scene, it’s easy to confuse these two very different products.   They are, however, different from one another.   When most people hear the term “electronic cigarette” they imagine a device similar to the one listed below, much like a traditional cigarette, just mechanical.  These products are popular in gas stations and convenience stores amongst newbies and those interested in quitting tobacco.  They come pre-filled with liquid and you have to buy cartridge refills but they are a simple intro for those looking to replace the butt. 


    Funny enough, almost no vape shops actually carry these.   A big part of the reason for this is that once someone finds that they prefer the vape to smoking, they inevitably gravitate toward the more robust APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) or “vape pens.”  Vape pens produce more vapor and allow the user to control the power output, switch out tanks, and opt for higher or lower nicotine levels.  It’s an overall more satisfying vape.


    Phase three is for those that really get into vaporizing as a hobby and past time.  This where the fun really begins.  Several companies worldwide make a wide variety of Mods for your vape pen that can produce significantly more vapor and open you up to a wide variety of new flavors and mixtures.  If you find that you really enjoy vaping, as most of us do, it’s fun to get into the mechanics of each new mod and become a connoisseur of specialty liquid flavors.  It’s a whole scene that has gained significant popularity in just the past two years (while those e-cigs that imitate your pack of smokes have plummeted in sales). 


    Vaping has brought new life to the pleasures of “smoking” and all statistics indicate it’s here to stay.


    What’s your favorite vaping device?

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