• What’s in That Stuff Anyway?

    We’ve been getting asked more often lately about the ingredients in the tanks we sell.  What are these vapor liquids made of and is it safe and healthy?   Despite what you may hear, there’s no mystery as to what goes into these liquids.  There are only 4 primary ingredients and none of them are magic formulas from another planet. 


    E-liquids start with a base of vegetable glycerin, which for most manufacturers we sell means certified organic.  This carries less flavor but produces much more vapor and is healthier.  Next is propylene glycol, which some may recognize as a primary ingredient in asthma inhalers, and is also perfectly safe to inhale in vapor form.  PG is also where much of the flavor enhancement is carried.   Flavoring can come from anywhere, both natural and artificial, and the sky’s the limit.  Several creative manufacturers are expanding with yummy new flavors all the time. 



    This base combination is safe for inhalation and contains very few toxins, all of which are well documented and understood.   The final ingredient is pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.  Manufacturers all make a variety of nicotine levels across their product lines so you can decide if you want to go big or stick with no nic at all. 


    The vape market is still really young but we already see a large trend in self-regulation and transparency that lends itself well to building trust in the vape market overall.  All of this stuff is tested and regulated.  If you’re still in the cigarette camp, give the vapor a try.  You might be surprised.

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