• Vaping Changed my Life

    Contributed by a Dublin resident and frequent customer.


    I started smoking when I was 11 years old.  I know, it sounds crazy but smoking was cool for everyone in the 70s, it didn’t matter how old you were or what the public health people were starting to tell us.  It’s just what folks did.  As I grew up and discovered all the awesome kicks of teenage rebellion and the crazy-sexy-cool that came with lighting up in my 20s, my habit grew to a whopping 2-3 packs a day that not only took a toll on my health but hit me hard in the wallet.


    I tried quitting a few times, it usually lasted a few days (three weeks once!) before my grumpy attitude and desperate need to feel normal again pulled me back to the pack.   The gum, the patches, even that woo-woo hypnosis was no match for my appetite.  I had seen those goofy e-cigs at the gas station and tried it once with minimal effect.  I was intrigued but there just wasn’t enough nicotine in those things and it felt awkward, like the guy drinking Diet Coke while his friends were all clinking glasses of Scotch. 


    It wasn’t until a buddy showed me his tricked out vape pen with the skull tank full of flavored bliss and the twisted little designs on the handle that I was intrigued.  I visited Up in Smoke where Tate and Amy hooked me up with an awesome starter device and some tasty liquids.  After a few puffs of that smooth, clean vapor that gave me the same kick as cigarettes, if not better, I was a convert.  


    There’s something about the vapor that soothes your throat and lungs as opposed to burning them with smoke.  Plus the smoke—created by torching your herbs to get at the good stuff—is full of toxic poison that doesn’t belong in the body.  Vapor is just a little bit of liquid mist and therefore it doesn’t come with all that other garbage you find in cigarettes and any kind of burned smoke. 


    I’m healthier now that I’m vaping instead of smoking.  My lungs don’t feel so clogged up, I’m coughing less (even when I’m running, if you can imagine it) and I still get to sample and enjoy some of the finest nicotine in the world, in a range of flavors I haven’t experienced since the days of chewing bubble gum and sampling sweets from the corner store as a kid.   There’s no reason not to make the switch.  Cigarettes and smoking offer so little in comparison to vapor.   Plus I’m a gear-head who loves all things mechanical so the whole culture of modifying my device and getting into the most recent customization and styles, that’s all part of the fun!


    Thanks to the Up in Smoke Vapor Team for showing me the vape and changing my health—and my life—for the better!

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