• Vape is the 2014 Word of the Year

    Every year the Oxford Enlglish Dictionary names a word of the year based on something that has gained a lot of significant popularity or something new to the language.  For 2014 they selected ‘Vape’ as the word of the year.  Obviously we’re big fans of the decision but it’s easy to see why they chose it.   As e-cigarettes and vape pens have become more popular nationwide and worldwide, more people are talking about it. 

    In fact, you are 30 times more likely to come across the word vape now as you were a year ago!

    Isn’t that cool?   The whole movement is really taking off!  

    The number of people who actively vape has tripled in the last year and teen smoking has actually dropped by a small margin.  Everyone is talking about vape shops, vape pens and devices, vape liquids, and vape culture.  There is a very real dawning of awareness out there that torching dried herbs to fill your lungs with toxic smoke is yesterday’s cool.  In the modern age we celebrate the cool, clean mist of water vapor and the designer liquids that can offer a wide range of chemical cocktails. 

    Vape may have been the word of 2014 but the vapor movement is just getting off the ground.  We’re contributing to the surge with the best prices on vapor liquids and devices in town.  Come in to your favorite Columbus Vape Shop and share a vape with us.

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