• Vaping is Driving the Campaign to Quit Smoking

    Despite a decades-long attempt by health organizations to educate the American public to the dangers of smoking tobacco, a solid 40 million of us smoke cigarettes.   The ill health effects are no big secret, we’ve all seen people we know come down with illnesses and struggle through treatment.  The Center of Disease Control states one of every five deaths is smoking-related.   That’s 20% of deaths in the whole country caused by something we already know kills us!

    Why is this still a trend?  Because it’s tough to quit.  Plain and simple.

    70% of smokers say they want to quit and over 40% have tried to quit in the last year.  Cigarette sales have gone down in the past few years thanks to increased tobacco taxes at the Federal level but the big trend driving this new downturn in smoking is—you guessed it—VAPING!

    More and more people are turning to alternative methods for their nicotine fix.  Most of us are familiar with the gums and patches, which rarely produce effective results.  But there is a widespread trend in personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes that has contributed thousands of new converts to the crusade against smoking tobacco. 

    Vaping is known to be less toxic than traditional smoking but still gives the sense of holding the cigarette, which is a boon to those who have smoked for decades and have trouble making the adjustment to not having something to hold and puff on. 

    We’re big fans of the vape revolution because it’s helping so many people leave behind toxic bad habits that result in so much widespread sickness and death.   Come in and see for yourself why vaping is taking the world by storm!

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