• American Council on Health Urges E-Cig Reconsideration

    In an article recently published on The Hill, the president of the American Council on Science and Health called for legislators and public health officials to look at all the good that vaping has done for the health of the people, rather than siding with Big Tobacco in demonizing the movement.  

     Dr. Gilbert Ross, M.D. calls out associations like the FDA, American Cancer Society, American Heart & Lung Association, and the CDC for “refusing to tell the truth about the accumulating evidence of the efficacy of e-cigarettes and vapor products to enhance quit rates among desperate smokers, and instead highlight imaginary ills that loom.”

    According to Ross, the message our leaders and the general media are sending to cigarette smokers is “keep on smoking because we need the money!”   This runs counter to every health proclamation made by these same organizations who warn the American public about the health risks of tobacco all the time.  

    Dr Ross’s warning is something the vaping community has been saying for years.  Vaping is still a choice to consume nicotine by legal adults and therefore comes under fire by purists who say it isn’t the answer.  However, the vaping community is inundated daily with success stories from grateful former tobacco smokers who finally found their release from the chains of Big Tobacco in the vaping revolution.

    It’s important that we send the message to smokers that vaping is a stepping stone away from a harmful addiction and one that has higher health and success rates for quitting smoking than any other method tested to date.  

    It’s time to crumple the pack and switch to the modern world of water vapor.  Your lungs will thank you!

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