• The Real Cost of Smoking Tobacco

    It’s not just the marketing wing of the vape industry that continues to sing the praises of vaporizing your nicotine over smoking cigarettes.  The tobacco industry has caused an absurd amount of damage to public health and the environment in their heyday, but fortunately that Golden Age of Tobacco is just about over… all thanks to the technological revolution of the vaporizer.

    Smoking is Expensive

    Smoking costs the average smoker a whopping $1.1 million over the course of a lifetime, according to a nationwide analysis by WalletHub. Alaska had the highest cost per smoker per state, racking up over $2 million, with Connecticut close behind at nearly $2 million and New York at $1.9 million.

    That’s a lifetime cost of three luxury homes and a couple of nice cars… all to puff away on something that has the highest mortality rates of any other habit or behavior, including automobile accidents and war!

    But what are the real costs of Tobacco?

    It’s not just your health and wallet that are affected by the cigarette industry.  Cigarette butts are toxic to the soil and are obviously not recyclable.  Worldwide smokers toss an average of 4.5 Trillion butts into the dirt every year!   Each year nearly 600 million trees are cut down to provide fuel for the drying and wrapping of tobacco cigarettes.  


    These figures are staggering and part of the reason the vaping community is sounding the alarm.  There is an alternative that is creating a massive international job market, reducing health and environmental concerns, and most important; decentralizing the economy of nicotine away from bloated, corrupt global tobacco corporations who lobby our governments for benefits and breaks while lying and fudging the information about health risks.

    Vaping is about more than just e-liquids and mods.  It’s a revolution that will have far-reaching benefits for world health, environment, and economy.

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