• What Happens When a Smoker Quits?

    You hear a lot of vague claims about the health benefits of quitting smoking but what’s really happening to your body when you finally stamp out that last butt?   This infographic from illustrates the immediate and gradual physical health effects over a 15 year timeline after quitting.

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    A person who quits smoking will notice the immediate improvements to blood pressure and lung function, as well as some less obvious benefits like reduced carbon monoxide in the blood and improved blood circulation.  And that’s just the first 2 weeks!

    Of course, during those 2 weeks a heavy smoker will have some very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that bring you to your knees in desire for a hit of nicotine.  This is the best time to supplement nicotine that doesn’t come from smoking cigarettes.  Have your vape pen ready to go when you quit so that you can soothe these symptoms during the withdrawal and recovery period.  

    In just the first year of not smoking, a person’s coughing fits and shortness of breath go away and the risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half!   Over the next 10-15 years your health will improve such that your risk of cancers and heart disease are reduced by half and often return to that of a non-smoker.  

    If you spent years smoking, the urge to puff will always be a ghost that haunts you.  That’s why we recommend smokers switch to a vape pen to give themselves and their subconscious cravings an outlet.   That safer, healthier (and cooler!) outlet may save you from an early death by keeping you away from tobacco smoke for good.

    Welcome to the end of Tobacco.

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