• Are the Surge in E-Cigarettes and Sports Drinks a Sign of Better Health?

    Recent reports from the grocery and supermarket industry have shown a substantial sales boost in the first quarter of 2015.  This is great news for grocers but the real numbers are a bit more interesting to our community.  When you dial down, the biggest new sellers are e-cigarettes and sports nutrition products. 

    Sales of e-cigs and vaporizers rose almost 50% despite the public outcry and the push for harsh regulations.  Consumers don't seem to be bothered by all the hubbub, and can likely see the benefits for themselves without some health bureaucrat telling them what to think.

    In another area of health products, we’re seeing a huge boom in fitness nutrition supplements and drinks, including protein shakes and bars.   This sector grew more than 40% in the past year as new brands promising muscle mass, fat loss, and better health come to the shelves.  The only other area of the food and grocery industry that saw gains at the cash registers were “free from” categories, such as “gluten free” and “dairy free.”

    Is this a sign that Americans and Brits are becoming more conscious of their health in all areas of consumption, or is it just part of a fad?   Only time will tell but we're hoping this signals a shift toward healthier living standards in diet, fitness, and vaping across Columbus, Ohio, the US, and the World.

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