• E-Cigarettes and Vaping is Killing Tobacco… so why ban them?

    Let’s suppose that someone invented a pill that could cure one of the deadliest diseases in the world, one that wipes out five million people a year worldwide.  You would think government officials would line up to support the medication, maybe even requiring it.  Least of all, they wouldn't dream of standing in its way.

    Except that’s exactly what many politicians and NGOs are trying to do with e-cigarettes and vaporizers.  Science is practically dumping the data on capital desks, showing time and again that vaporizers are not only robbing tobacco companies of their customers but the cancer wards of their future patients. 

    Inhaling water vapor with a touch of nicotine is vastly more healthy than burning through dried tobacco leaves mixed with a host of assorted deadly chemicals.  Millions of smokers are dropping the pack in favor of the liquid vapor alternatives and seeing dramatic improvements to their health and wellbeing.  So why all the fuss against them?

    It’s no secret that big tobacco companies like Phillip Morris net billions of dollars in annual revenue from the cigarette industry.  They’re well known for lobbying Washington for beneficial legislation and have only upped their efforts in response to the influx of vaporizer technology.  Only by being informed can our representatives stand up to the corporate money that floods their offices each year.

    Along with insidious lobbying from criminal agencies like Phillip Morris, there are a number of silly narratives and myths floating around out there in regards to vaping nicotine.  After a long fight against cigarettes, many people have a hard time embracing the vape movement, claiming that it is normalizing smoking again.  Sadly the manufacturers of vape pens and liquids can’t tell you their products will save your life or reduce risk of cancer (which scientific studies have already proved to be the case), so they go with “vaping is cool.”  This reeks of some insidious plan or maybe suggests to the puritans of the middle states that somebody somewhere might be having a good time—and heaven help us if that’s the case!

    All joking aside, the vaping movement has saved millions of lives by getting people off of harmful tar-based cigarettes and will continue to do so, as long as the government doesn’t over-tax and demonize it out of the public eye. 

    It’s up to those of us in the vape community who know how beneficial this is for those trying to quit smoking to get out there and spread the word.  If you're a fan of our Columbus Vape Shop, tell your smoker friends where to find us and we'll school them in the health benefits of crushing the pack and making the switch to vapor.

    Happy Spring, Dublin!

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