• Time to Quit Smoking, Columbus!

    Every year millions of people are lost to cancers and lung disease caused by a lifetime of smoking cigarettes.  The tars and toxins created by the burning and inhaling of tobacco are responsible for black, diseased lungs and complicated respiratory issues.   As a nation, we spend trillions of dollars on health care for these folks, hoping to reverse the detrimental effects of these toxic habits.  Tobacco is killing people and it’s time to put a stop to it.

    Except it’s not always easy to drop the habit when you’re addicted to nicotine and other agents of tobacco cigarettes.  People try patches and gum and hypnosis but nothing seems to rewire the brain away from the need for a sweet slap of nicotine. 

    Fortunately, it’s not hopeless.  Hundreds of our friends in Dublin and across greater Columbus have told us how much they enjoyed the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers and have already seen monumental shifts in their health.  When you’re inhaling water vapor instead of carcinogen smoke, you aren’t damaging your lungs or corrupting your cells.   The nicotine is still there to give you the fix you need, when you need it, but the tar and toxins responsible for so much disease and inflammation are completely absent.

    We’re issuing this challenge to our friends around Columbus.  It’s time to get the word out and put an end to smoking-related disease.  Tell your friends and family about the benefits of switching to vape. 

    Get them a starter kit here in the store and share your favorite liquids and juices

    Despite all the legal and media hype, the facts and the culture of vaping don’t lie.  We're talking about a revolution in public health!  Spread the word!

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