• Meet the Mighty Mechanical Mod

    We're running a series of articles on the blog this month that detail one of our favorite parts of the vaping experience; the Mod.

    In the early days, the typical vaporizer pen suffered from poor functionality and low battery power. These underpowered prototypes offered absurdly short battery life and very little vapor. So the tech heads in our vaping community dug in and sought to change that. After some tinkering, these creative vaping engineers gave birth to the Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) which offered longer battery life, more power, and increased functionality. The rest is history. Now we have a whole slew of mods and upgrades to outfit your vaporizer.

    For something that got its start as a household flashlight someone was messing around with, the mods or APVs have really taken off. More advanced technology offers more vapor, better taste, a smoother throat hit, and other features. We now have custom dials on the higher end mods that allow you to change the voltage on demand to control your vaping experience.

    In addition to variable voltage/wattage, Mods allow for things like custom and rebuildable atomizers, a variety of battery sizes, alternative wick, and more. Mods are basically the casing you put the batteries into but they have changed the way a vaporizer comes together and launched a whole sub-culture of techie engineers who geek out over customization.

    Check out our collection of custom mods, atomizers, and liquids in the Dublin Vape Shop and get ready to join us when we open our store in Upper Arlington!

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