• Introduction to Mechanical Mods


    With so many of our customers getting past the early or introduction to vaping stages and more interested in mods and upgrades, we thought we would take this opportunity to educate folks on mechanical mods.  As a Columbus Vape Shop, we offer a wide range of mods and devices so it we can give you the crash course.


    What is a mechanical mod?

    Generally speaking, a mechanical mod is your standard personal vaporizer device. It’s a tube that houses a rechargeable battery, which can be replaced over time.  On the side of the metal tube is a button you push to close the internal circuit and generate an unregulated current to the atomizer. There’s no wiring, electronics, or soldering in a mod and they come in different shapes and sizes.



    Why go with a mechanical mod?

    Besides the aesthetic choice, vapers will choose mods for their durability. Your standard personal vaporizer is going to have a lot of electronic components which can fail and need replaced, while a mechanical mod will last you a long time. Mechanical mods also open you up to low resistance atomizers, which typically can’t be run on regular vape gear. It’s a personal choice but for the serious vaper, like our Columbus vaping culture, a mechanical mod will take you further than the standard fair, which are often designed to be disposable or readily replaced.


    Are mechanical mods safe?

    Since it runs on a lithium battery, a mechanical mod can never be considered 100% safe because lithium batteries have their own hazards.  However, mechanical mods are typically safe in the hands of someone who is paying attention and has a familiarity with the device.  Things like recognizing when it’s overheating and pulling the battery out to get some air will prevent any real battery-related mechanical dangers.

    Standard electronic personal vaporizers are generally thought to be safer due to in-built safety features and therefore we recommend them to newbies. But most people find mechanical mods to be safe and comfortable to use.


    We love mechanical mods here in your favorite Columbus Vape Store but they're not for everyone. The great thing about the vaping community, however, is that there’s something for everyone, regardless of skill or inclination.  Come on in and we’ll figure out what suits you best.

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