• Mechanical Mod Safety Tips

    If you liked our intro to mechanical mods last week, you should let us know what mods are of interest to you.  We try to stock a variety of products and devices in the store to suit everyone’s tastes. Now that you're on the mod bandwagon, let’s go through some safety tips so you can consider yourself a responsible pro with your mechanical mod.


    Pay Attention to the Batteries

    The battery is the most important part of a mechanical mod device and also the most dangerous part.  Don’t skimp on your batteries. Saving a few bucks on batteries isn’t worth the dangers of cheap ones. Never use a damaged or old battery.

    That said, you want to use a high quality protected ICR chemistry battery, or possibly an IMR (lithium manganese oxide) battery, which are more stable and have less volatility. Remember the danger with these batteries is overheating, which can cause fire or even a small explosion. Avoid unprotected lithium-ion (ICR – lithium cobalt oxide) batteries in your mechanical mod.


    Don't Overcharge or Run ‘em Dry

    Likewise your battery charger is an important consideration. If you get a charger that is of low quality, it may overcharge the battery, which makes it less stable and more likely to overheat. For best results, a completely charged battery is a level between 4.15 and 4.20 volts.

    Also, where your standard personal vaporizer has built-in low voltage safe guards and will power down when the battery is low, mods will run your battery all the way to zero. This is bad for batteries and damages them over time.


    Be Smart about Batteries

    Make sure you’re putting the batteries in the right way for correct polarity. Definitely don’t try to cheat the mod by stacking multiple batteries end-to-end. If you do manage to get a charge from this method, you’re in serious danger of overheating or causing an unstable reaction. Just use one full size battery. When not using your mod for a time, removing them from the device is good standard practice. There is an obvious safety benefit here but it can also help the batteries to last longer.


    Get a Multi-Meter and Test Resistance

    A handy tool for mod maintenance is a multi-meter, which is readily available in most Columbus Vape Shops and fairly inexpensive. The tool lets you check battery voltage and test resistance in your atomizer and clearomizer. This resistance testing should be done periodically on your device to prevent electrical shorts and other mishaps. A safe level for most atomizers and clearomizers is above 1.8 Ohms. (Note: cheaper multi-meters can have resistance of their own so be sure to factor that into your reading.)


    If you keep an eye on the tech specs of your mechanical mod, you’ll have a more enjoyable and safer vaping experience. If you need advice on what type of mod will suit your needs best, ask us in the store and we'll get you set up.

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