Vaping Pens and Electronic Cigarettes in Upper Arlington

Up In Smoke Vapor is a locally owned and operated e-cigarette/mods and vapor products vendor.  Created in 2013, the store is located along the Scioto River and across from Griggs reservoir park, just one light south of Fishinger Rd. We have an excellent selection of e-liquids and vapor devices. 

Vaping has become a trend among all classes of society.  It is rapidly replacing cigarette smoking and other tobacco products and is helping longtime users to quit inhaling and ingesting harmful elements/additives contained in them.

Wonderful flavors and non-irritating vapor is offering a safer alternative to smoking and enables lungs to breathe more freely. 

Vape it your way

Vaping is also quickly becoming a hobby in creating the perfect Vapor Pen with your style of color, tubes, vape level, and more. After getting started, you can build your own Vaping Pen and tailor it to your stye. For a general overview of our vaping products, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the quickly changing markets and products available, it is nearly impossible to keep our site updated.  We do have all of the latest products and there are new things that come out pretty much every week.  If there is something you are looking for you should call us, we most likely are carrying it.

Come in to our store and relax in the vapor lounge, try our products and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere!

Monday-Friday 11:00-6:00

Saturday 11:00-5:00