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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the quickly changing markets and products available, it is nearly impossible to keep our site updated.  We do have all of the latest products and there are new things that come out pretty much every week.  If there is something you are looking for you should call us, we most likely are carrying it.

At Up In Smoke Vapor, we realize that vaping is all about flavor and style! While many of our customers are using vapor pens and electronic cigarettes to try to quit smoking and eliminate a tobacco habit, many just love the flavor! Speaking of flavor, our wide variety of specialty e liquid flavors offers a flavor for everyone’s taste.

You can take a look at our products on this site, but remember, we are located in Upper Arlington, Ohio. You can feel free to come on by to choose your vapor supplies and ask one of our vaping pros all the questions you might have to discover your perfect vaping pleasure.


Vapor Pens and Electronic Cigarettes or ECigs

Your vapor pen is a reflection of your style

We offer a huge selection of vapor pens from manufacturers such as:

So what is the difference between your choice of vapor pens? The differences range from style, color, size, battery life, to compatibility with cool mod kits to build out your custom vaping pen that fits you perfectly. Click on the link below to take a look at some of our starter kits.

Choose Your Vapor Pen


E Liquids

Discover your favorite e liquid flavor, but why choose just one?

With exotic e liquid flavors such as Apple Snap, to the delicious blueberry flavor of Blue Voodoo, Up In Smoke Vapor carries a huge selection of flavors from manufacturers such as Mister-E-Liquid. Our variety includes e liquids available with and without nicotine for our friends looking to substitute that nicotine boost from smoking tobacco and cigarettes.

Most e liquid flavors are available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 24mg nicotine.

Click the link below to browse our e liquid selection.

E Liquid Flavors


Mods and Tube Mods

Taking your vaping to the next level

Mods and Tube Mods allow you to customize your vapor pen for style and for other practical reasons such as:

  • Larger batteries for longer vaping before recharging
  • Larger tubes to store even more liquid before your next refill
  • Stronger atomizers for a thicker pull

With kits like our new Stingray MOD kit you can mix and match with other pieces like the DIY Nemesis or Trident atomizer to hit your style with enhanced vaping capabilities at the same time.

Click here to take a look at our MODS and Tube MODS


Clearomizers Atomizers and Tanks

Customize your vapor experience even further

So what the heck is the difference between Clearomizers and Atomizers? Well we are glad you asked. It is all about how the liquid is evaporated and delivered for your vaping pleasure. Atomizers are for people who prefer a dripping method of the e juice to burn, while Clearomizers use a silica wick to deliver the e liquid. Clearomizers will often include a feature of a clear plastic tube for you to see your e liquid level to know when to refill.

Vaping is a hobby not only for taste, but for building just the right device to deliver that flavor. Up In Smoke Vapor is located in old downtown Dublin, and we absolutely love to answer your questions and show you every option available to keep on vaping in tailored style.

Click here to browse our Clearomizers Atomizers and Tanks


Vapor Pen and E Cig Accessories

Protect it, stand it up, carry it around your neck!

With all of the great vape products, pieces, parts, and MODS that you assemble, we want to make sure that you can keep it safe and make it easy to carry it around with you. This includes cases, stands, lanyards and more.

Click here to see our cases, holders, lanyards and sleeves


Even More Vaping Stuff

We are always updating our site to keep up with all the new inventory we order in as vaping tech keeps getting cooler. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us at 614-467-9700 or just stop in and say hi at 48 S. High Street, Unit 201, Dublin, Ohio 43017. Or click our Contact link below: 

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Happy Vaping!